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Steam Now Offers Refunds For Purchases Made Less Than 14 Days Ago

Steam users can now send in a request for a refund to any purchase made less than fourteen days ago, the company has announced.

The updated policies apply to both games and software applications on the Steam Store. For the former, however, it’s important to note that players will have to have less than two hours of recorded playtime or else their request for a refund will not be processed.

Furthermore, Steam will be issuing refunds for downloadable content as well. These, however, come with a few markers. The original game needs to have been played for less than two hours since the purchase of the DLC. Third-party DLC that directly effects your core game experience will not be refunded. For example, a DLC that causes your character levels to be increased permanently.

For Valve-developed games, Steam will be offering a refund on all in-game purchases within forty-eight hours of purchase. In the case of items, they must still be intact and not consumed, modified or transferred in any way.

Third-party developers, however, will have to decide whether they want to enable refunds for the in-game purchases for their games. If they decided against it, Steam will not entertain any requests for such refunds from users.

Most importantly, pre-ordered titles on Steam can be cancelled at any time before the game’s release to get a full refund. After the release, the same 14-day/two-hour rule applies.

All refunds will be credited within a week to either the user’s Steam Wallet or payment method used when making the purchase. Additionally, gifts cannot be refunded once redeemed.

Those banned by VAC will lose the power to ask for a refund on Steam.

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