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Splatoon Ink Battles Guide – Inkpolis Tower, Turf War, Splat Zone, Splatfest Event

Ink Battles in Splatoon are 4 versus 4 online competitive matches available in Inkpolis. These battles put your skills to test against other online players.

Splatoon Ink Battles

There are certain things to consider before starting your first battle. The guide serves as a brief overview of Ink Battles in Splatoon:

Basic Understanding of Inkpolis Tower

  • Level – With the current Level Cap set at Level 20, you can level up by earning BP which is earned by playing Ink Battles
  • Rank – As you win more Ink Battles, you increase your rank from C- to A+ which can also decrease upon losing
  • Gold – BP and Gold are directly proportional and Gold is used to purchase Gear, Weapons, and other equipment
  • Super Sea Snails – These are awarded only during Splatfest and are used to reroll sub-abilities or to add sub-abilities
  • Vibe – Vibe Meter status is divided into Chill, Toasty, Smokin’, and SO HAWT!! ranks, based on which Judd rewards you with Gold
  • Game Mode – While on the Ink Battles interface, you can receive more information on Turf War or Splat Zone
  • Stages – You can enter a stage in Recon Mode and have a feel of the stage before starting a battle
  • Choosing Battle – There are a total of 3 battle types named: regular battles, ranked battles, and ranked battles against friends

Weapon, Specials and Gear
You can check our Weapons, Gear and Specials Guide for more information on how to unlock these items along with their uses.

Game Modes

There are two types of game modes in Ink Battles; Turf War and Splat Zones. Following is a quick overview of each game mode:

Turf War
In Turf War, your team’s task is to spread as much ink on the platform as possible. You only need to ink the horizontal platforms as the vertical ones don’t count. Upon the end, the winning team is awarded 300 BP and bonus BP based on the area which you managed to ink.

Splat Zone
In Splat Zone, your team’s task is to capture a Splat Zone (marked by yellow lines) by covering the area in your ink. The number of Splat Zone vary from one multiplayer map to other.

After you’ve successfully captured a Splat Zone, a countdown from 100 to 0 starts running and you need to get it all the way down to 0 in order to win. However, if none of the two teams manage to get their timer to 0, the team with its score nearest to 0 wins.

Splatfest Event

Splatfest is an event that occasionally happens in Splatoon. Before Splatfest starts, you’re asked to vote for one of the two teams to represent in Turf War battles.

After a Splatfest has started, you’ll not be able to participate in Ranked Battles or Regular Battles. One important thing to note is that you won’t be able to participate in the festival unless you vote for a team.

Moreover, do note that during the Splatfest Event, your character’s clothing is replaced by a Splatfest T-shirt which can’t be changed throughout the event.

Once the event ends, the T-shirt is automatically removed from your inventory. At the end of the festival, you’re awarded with Super Sea Snails based on the title you earned. Moreover, do note that winning each match rewards you with 3 EXP:

  • Fanboy/Fangirl — No EXP required — 2 Super Sea Snails
  • Fiend — 10 EXP required — 3 Super Sea Snails
  • Defender — 35 EXP required — 5 Super Sea Snails
  • Champion — 85 EXP required — 8 Super Sea Snails
  • King/Queen — 184 EXP required — 12 Super Sea Snails

Plaza Shops
After spending some time in Ink Battles, make sure to pay Plaza a visit. This is where you can speak with Judd for Gold-related bonuses or Spyke to customize your Gear.

Head over to Booyah Base to buy some new Weapon and Gear using your in-game Gold. You can also visit Jelly Fish, Shrimp Kicks, and Cooler Heads to purchase Gear comprising of new clothing, shoes, and headgear.

One important thing to note here is that these items are rotated on daily basis so make sure to check back frequently to remain updated. Lastly, the stock at Ammo Knight disposal is fixed and is updated each time you level up your character.

Vibe Rank Bonus from Judd

  • Chill – 0 Flags – No Gold
  • Toasty – 1 to 3 Flags – 100 Gold
  • Smokin’ – 4 to 6 Flags – 300 Gold
  • SO HAWT!! – 7+ Flags – 1,000 Gold

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