Splatoon Easter Eggs and Secrets

Splatoon’s world is full of secret and references to related Nintendo universe and popular franchises such as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and more. These references are spread across the game’s multiplayer maps, character gear, and more.

Splatoon Easter Eggs

Following are a couple of references that we came across in Splatoon:

8-Bit Nintendo Reference
In Urchin Underpass, you’ll come across 8-bit Nintendo art showing Bloopers from Mario and Octoroks from Zelda which is a clear reference to the contention between Squids and Octopi. Moreover, the rivalry can also be seen in the game’s first singleplayer trailer.

Nintendo T-Shirts
It may hardly be a surprise for anyone, but you can buy costumes with reference to Nintendo universe. For instance, you can buy Black Pipe T-Shirt which shows off Super Mario universe in 8-bit style.

Sunken Scroll References
You can acquire Sunken Scroll collectibles which contains backstory related to Splatoon universe. You can check our detailed Sunken Scrolls Locations to know how to find every collectible in the game.

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