Splatoon Arowana Mall Map Tips and Strategy Guide

Arowana Mall is a linear map with most of the action happening in the middle of the map.

Whether it be Turf War or Splat Zone, holding down the map’s middle area is the key to win the match. In order to reach the center of the map, you can either rush straight towards it or use one of the two alleyways leading to it.

Splatoon Arowana Mall Map Tips

An important thing to note here is that each team has access to only one corridor, therefore, if you control the middle of the map along with enemy alleyway, you’ll have good chances of scoring a victory.

Recommended Loadout

  • Splat Charger: This long-ranged, high-damage weapon is definitely recommended to use from the map’s high positions
  • Krak-On Splat Roller: This roller-based weapon works really well on this map
  • Seeker: Given the number of ramps on this map, Seekers are useful to spread friendly ink across the map
  • Killer Wail: This is used to control engagements in narrow alleyways and even clear up contested alleyway leading to the center

Turf War Tips
Keep your focus on the objective and spread as much ink on the horizontal platform as possible.

Stick to the elevated platforms and keep the center free from enemy movement. In addition to controlling the center, try and sneak into enemy territory and spread some of your friendly ink there.

If you’re equipped with Inkstrike or Inkzooka; only use them near the end of the match. Use Krak-On Splat Roller to ink every inch of the horizontal territory near your team’s spawn point.

You can also sneak up in your ink to catch enemies off guard. Lastly, consider placing some Squid Beakons near the center of the map to control your team’s spawn locations.

Splat Zones Tips
In Arowana Mall, there is only one Splat Zone near center of the map. First off, I recommend using some Suction Bombs to spread some ink near the center of the area.

You can also use Inkstrike to spread ink around the center of the area and kill any enemy opponent caught in the blast radius. I also recommend using long-ranged weapons and Splat Bombs to control the engagements in the center of the area.

While you’re playing this game mode, make sure to keep an eye on the yellow bridges which provides access to enemy corridors. You can use these bridges to apply pressure on enemies, but do note that enemies can also use them to apply pressure on your team.

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