Music Of King’s Quest Reboot will Pay Tribute to the Past

Sierra Entertainment’s King’s Quest began back in 1984 and we will soon see the return of this franchise, as back in 2014 a reboot was announced.

Ever since the series began, one thing that fans loved was the music of King’s Quest. It added so much to the game and music should be a focus when it comes to developing this reboot as well. Thankfully, it is a key ingredient in creating King’s Quest.

Sierra Entertainment released a new behind-the-scenes video showing us how the game’s music is taking shape and how it will maintain the essence of the past.

The music in the game is thematic, melodic and gives Graham’s journey depth. Sierra said:

As an aging King Graham guides players back through the lost tales of his youth, those recurring motifs will be critical to exploring the people and events that shaped his destiny from humble beginnings to heroic nobility.

David Stanton, the composer for The Odd Gentlemen, is working on the music for King’s Quest reboot. Check out the video to know more.