Monster Hunter: Explore Trailer Details 12 Kinds of Weapons

In early May, Capcom revealed a new Monster Hunter: Explore title in development for Android and iOS devices. The successor to the previous Monster Hunter: Smart was said to incorporate new features, including a four-player cooperative mode, additional social features, and an actual story.

However, since then Capcom went into radio silence, only to resurface now with a new trailer that introduces us to twelve different kinds of weapons players will be able to use in the game.

Great Swords have a charge attack which make it harder for Monsters to knock over Hunters with their low-damage attacks. Additionally, these two-handed weapons can also be used to block incoming Monster attacks. However, doing so will cause them to lose durability.

Long Swords come with a meter gauge that fill up with repeated attacks. Once full, every attack made on monsters will be a powerful rendition of the normal version. A full gauge also unlocks the Spirit Combo attacks, giving a surge in damage count.

Sword and Shield are a common sight and will be there in Monster Hunter: Explore. Players can use the shield to block most attacks, while the sword can do quick but relatively low damage. Players can also use items while the Sword and Shield are drawn.

Dual Blades let the wielder enter a Demonization mode. When activated, players can link attacks into long chains of combos, as well as being able to use the Demon Dance, a powerful combo that cannot bounce. The Demonization mode also makes use that Hunters are not blown away by monster’s wings.

Hammers are strong enough to knock out enemies after pummeling them on the head multiple times. They can also release multiple charged attacks.

Hunting Horns boost power levels of allies. Players must constantly attack monsters to activate the recital ability.

Lances are always accompanied by large shields which grant a powerful defense against most attacks. They have a good amount of damage output, to compensate of the loss of mobility.

Gunlances are yet another weapon of choice with charged up attacks. These unleash strong explosive attacks known as Wyvern’s Fire. This attack dramatically reduces Sharpness, however, and takes a while to cool down before it can be used again.

Switch Axes come with two modes: Axe and Sword. Players can transform between the two, where the sword version has a powerful burst attack.

Light Bowguns have a rapid-fire ability which fires multiple rounds of a specific ammo in quick succession. It’s important to note the exact timing to reload the ammo during battles to keep a continuous barrage onslaught.

Heavy Bowguns, the big brothers of the Light variant, have a charged shooting ability which is most powerful amongst all weapons.

Bows can fire a cluster of arrows that either cover a wide area, narrow area, or explode, depending on the Bow. They are extremely easy to use.