Heroes of the Storm: Johanna, the Crusader from Diablo III Gets Story Trailer

The heavily armored Johanna is the latest character reveal by Blizzard for its Heroes of the Storm MOBA.

Johanna’s inclusion in the game is not a surprise since we’ve known about her for some while now. Based of the crusader class that was added to the Diablo III: Reaper of the Souls expansion pack, Johanna was officially confirmed by Blizzard at last year’s BlizzCon.

Since then, she’s more or less been waiting inside the game for the correct time when Blizzard summons for her. That summoning took place last night in London at a pretty flashy launch event for the game.

In a story trailer released for her, we see Johanna fighting in her righteous crusade using a flail and shield. She can also use her Shield Glare active skill to hit her enemies with a blinding flash. This slows her targets down, and allows her to ignore crowd control abilities.

Blizzard has yet to reveal gameplay details and combat information for her. It’s possible that we’ll get them later this week, once the dust from the launch has settled.

The developer also revealed during last night’s launch event, that players can create a dream team on the Heroes of the Storm website to earn a Mechanospider mount.

Heroes of the Storm is now officially available on the PC.