Halo 5: Guardians’ Dev Talks Spartan Abilities and Weapon Tuning Since Beta

Josh Holmes, head of 343 Industries, has recently been quite chatty over on the TeamByond forums where he has replied to various questions for Halo 5: Guardians.

Most of the questions are about new Spartan abilities and weapon balances following the game’s beta which took place back in December 2014. At the time, 343 Industries stated that it had collected a ton of data from the testers and will be utilizing all of that feedback into fine tuning the game before launch this year.

Some of the new abilities Spartans now have in Halo 5 includes being able to charge and sprint. One user “Mendicant” asked whether it would be possible to maintain weapon controls during a sprint.

Holmes replied that even though it’s an interesting idea, it could not be implemented for Halo 5, even if the team wanted to. For one, it would require an extensive amount of time to tune and balance the game to make it work right. Secondly, this approach would “soften the tradeoff for sprinting and makes the direct impact of that tradeoff (inability to shoot accurately) less clear.”

Posing the same question but now to maintaining weapon controls while using the thruster pack, Holmes said that instead, 343 Industries is focusing on tuning the window between initiation of the thrust and ability to shoot. The amount of delay will be lessened so players are more quickly able to equip their weapons.

The same improvement is also being done for the Smart-Scope ability and the animation speed between zooming and out has been sped up.

Later in the conversation, Holmes also confirmed that there are many “skill jumps” designed into the maps. Some of these rely on the traditional crouch jumping, but others use the clamber and thrust procedure.

The ground-pound ability now has its controls moved to a new button. According to Holmes, this makes the ability more useful in combat and prevents crouch jumping.

As for the weapons, Holmes assured that they have been improved after going through “substantial tuning as a result of feedback and data” collected from the beta. Amongst them all, the Magnum has been buffed, and bullet-magnetism has been tweaked.

Halo 5: Guardians is scheduled for release on October 27 for the Xbox One.