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Fallout 4 Teaser Site Launched, Could be Cross-Gen

Bethesda is finally teasing Fallout 4, the long awaited new installment in the post-apocalyptic franchise. A couple of hours ago, its social media pages posted a link to, which features a countdown clock that expires tomorrow at 3:00 PM BST.

Internet detectives were quick to start rummaging through the website’s source code to unearth any clues or information. One individual discovered the mention of last-gen consoles in the site’s CSS, alongside the current-gen consoles and PC.

At this point we can only speculate, but it could be that the new Fallout 4 will be a cross-gen title. This speculation is also based on the fact that Bethesda is listed at E3 2015 to show off a RPG on cross-gen platforms.

In May, a 3D artist from Mirada Studios was spotted to have listed a cinematic trailer for Fallout 4 in his LinkenIn profile. The same artist has previously worked on cinemtic trailers for Far Cry 4 and Forza. According to his LinkeIn profile, he was working on Fallout 4 between December and March.

Whether we’ll be seeing that cinematic trailer tomorrow or at E3 2015 remains to be seen.

Bethesda was always assumed to be announcing something special this year. The studio arranged its own E3 conference for 2015, which is now the stage where we’ll get to see Fallout 4 unveiled.