Fallout 4 Announcement Coming in Tomorrow, Official Bethesda Blog Suggests

An official announcement related to Fallout 4 may happen tomorrow at 03:00 PM GMT, according to a countdown page which has appeared on the Bethesda Blog.

Opening up the Bethesda Blog redirects users to ‘fallout.bethsoft.com‘ which shows a ‘Please Stand By’ countdown timer scheduled to end in about 22 Hours and 42 Minutes at the time of writing the piece.
Have a quick glance at the weblog’s Source Code and you will stumble upon a message reading:

“Masterbrain is a unique robobrain that controls all the other security robots in the Vault-Tec headquarters in the year 2277. It roams the Vault-Tec administration level but it will most likely be found near a turret-control terminal slightly left of the level’s center.”

Personally, I don’t believe we will hear anything major in tomorrow’s reveal. Given that Bethesda is holding its first ever E3 2015 conference later this month, we hope to learn more about the game (if it indeed is Fallout 4) during the conference along with DOOM 4.

You can mark your calenders for Sunday, Jun. 14, 2015 07:00 PM Pacific because that’s when Bethesda is going to take the E3 stage and, if it’s not too much to ask, show off Fallout 4 in some capacity.

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