Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Gives First Look at Red Hood

A new trailer released for Batman: Arkham Knight very briefly gives us the first look at the Red Hood as he puts his enemies to sleep.

Red Hood is indeed one of the playable characters in the game. Unfortunately, the Red Hood Story Pack is an exclusive pre-order bonus from retailer GameStop. The only way for players to gain access to this character is by purchasing the game early from either the US or UK division of GameStop.

There’s no concrete release date for when the Red Hood Story Pack will become available, but it should do so shortly after the release of Batman: Arkham Knight in a couple of weeks.

Batman Arkham Knight - Riddler Poster

In related news, Rocksteady has released a new promotional poster for Batman: Arkham Knight which features the Riddler, armed with a cane/wrench shaped in a question mark.

Edward Nygma is said to have a prominent role in the game’s storyline, more than simply the guy who is leaving behind Riddler trophies all over Gotham. According to a recent post, Batman: Arkham Knight will have special Riddler sequences. Players in this mode will have to drive through an ever-changing maze that will not only test the player’s driving skills, but also offer an “intellectual assault.”

After some delays, Batman: Arkham Knight will now officially launch on June 23 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.