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Arkham Knight Prequel Novel The Riddler’s Gambit Cover Art and Plot Details Surface

Alex Irvine’s prequel novel based on Batman: Arkham Knight will feature Batman’s long-term sidekick, Robin.

Dubbed as The Riddler’s Gambit, the novel revolves around the Joker’s death and the void it created in the Gotham City underworld. Having decided to fill in the emptiness created by the Joker’s demise, the criminal brainiac The Riddler places the Caped Crusader and Robin in an unwinnable situation:

“The Joker’s death has left a void in the Gotham City underworld–a void the Riddler seeks to fill in the deadliest way possible. Creating a path of death and destruction, the criminal mastermind places Batman and Robin in an unwinnable scenario, with the clock ticking down the moments to disaster.”

Furthermore, the novel’s official cover art has also appeared online, showing off the Dark Knight against The Riddler in the game of death:

The Riddler's Gambit

Batman: Arkham Knight – The Riddler’s Gambit is available for pre-order on select retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble for as low as $7.99 apiece. The book will officially launch on Jun. 23, 2015 alongside its companion video game which will release on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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