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Triad Wars Closed Beta Giveaway: 300 Keys are Waiting

As most of you might already know, United Front Games’ upcoming open world online multiplayer game Triad Wars is currently in closed beta. And if you liked Sleeping Dogs back in 2012 and enjoy open world action then you should definitely give this one a try.

The good news is that if you are looking to get access to closed beta, we have a few hundred keys to share with our readers.

If you want one for yourself, you can do that by following a couple of simple steps:

Step #1
Subscribe to SegmentNext’s YouTube Channel.

Note: If you are a regular reader and have already subscribed to our Youtube Channel, move to next step.

Step #2
Leave a comment under this article to give us a heads up. Don’t forget to mention your email.

Once you have done this, and the system has chosen you as an eligible, you will be getting your key shortly on the given email.