Tokyo Ghoul: Jail Releasing This Fall In Japan For PS Vita

PS Vita is getting some love in Japan as Tokyo Ghoul: Jail is heading to Sony’s handheld this Fall. Bandai Namco has also shared a new trailer for the game and honestly, it’s one of the most boring trailers of all time.

For about 40 seconds you just see Bandai Namco on screen and for the rest of time we see Japanese texts. Nothing exciting is shown but according to some previously revealed details, we have a new protagonist named Rio. The character was created by original manga creator Sui Ishida.

The new game revolves around the world after the battle of Aogiri Tree in the 11th ward. Rio is seen teaming up with Kaneki to complete an unknown objective. Other characters in the game include Tōka Kirishima, Kōtaro Amon, and Jūzō Suzuya.

The game’s ending will change based on the decisions and relationship choices you make throughout the game. More details will be shared as we head closer to release of Tokyo Ghoul: Jail.