Splatoon Ravenous Octomaw Boss Guide – Battle Tips and Strategy

Like with previous boss battles, before you initiate the fight, use your Hero Shot, Splat Bombs, and Seekers to spread as much ink around the platform as you can.

Splatoon Ravenous Octomaw Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

After the battle starts, swim through your ink to evade the boss’s chomp attacks.

The key to defeat the boss is to shoot down its teeth and toss a Splat Bomb down its throat (in the back of its mouth) to reveal a writhing tentacle which you need to hit in order to complete the first round.

One important thing to note here is if you find yourself caught up in the boss’s mouth; throw a Splat Bomb at your feet before you get all chewed up.

All strategies and attacks that worked in the first round are also applicable in the second round. But in the second round, their teeth are more resistant to your attacks and there is no ink on the platform to move about.

Therefore, you’ll not only have to ink the platform again, but be consistent in your hits to the boss’s teeth to have it expose its tentacle which you need to destroy to start the final round.

For the final showdown, Octomaw appears in the battle with gold-clad teeth. One important thing to note throughout the battle is that you don’t need to destroy all its teeth.

You can just destroy a couple of front ones to be able to toss a Splat Bomb down its throat. This thing holds especially true here since each teeth takes quite a lot of hits before getting destroyed.

Once the boss reveals the single writhing tentacle, destroy it and complete the boss battle.