Splatoon Rampaging Octowhirl Boss Guide – Tips and Strategy

In case you’ve been following my Splatoon boss guides, you already know the first step.

Those who just came, before initiating the fight, take some time to ink the entire platform as it will not only allow you to move around the platform, but also evade the boss’s attacks. You can also use Seekers to accomplish it.

Splatoon Rampaging Octowhirl Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

The Rampaging Octowhirl is basically a large sphere rolling around the platform, spreading purple ink.

You just need to let it do its thing (rolling obviously) and don’t be in its way. After a little while, you’ll notice that the boss will come to a halt and will start rolling towards you at full throttle.

As soon as the boss is about to make the contact, enter Squid Mode and jump out of its way. If you happen to have some of your ink around you, the boss will get stuck in it, allowing you to attack the tentacle emerging out of its head and begin the second round.

The second round plays out pretty much like the first one except a ring in the center of platform starts rotating and Octowhirl’s pace increases. And you’ll also notice all your ink washed out during the second round.

Travel to the center of the platform and spread as much ink around as you can. As soon as you see the boss advancing towards you, enter Squid Mode and evade it by moving sideways. The boss will once again get stuck in your ink, allowing you to attack the tentacle and start the final round.

During the last round, the boss’s speed increases marginally and certain un-ink-able areas appear on the platform.

Like previous two rounds, move to the center of the platform and spread ink all around you while constantly evading Octowhirl’s rolling attacks. After a little while, the boss will bog down in your ink, allowing you to complete this battle once and for all!