Halo 5 Developer Explains How MP Playlists Can’t be Added Based on Preferences

There are a lot of expectations from Halo 5: Guardians, from not just the campaign but multiplayer is what every fan is most looking forward to.

With each installment, fans fall more and more in love with the franchise and the experience it has to offer. Halo fans want fresh maps and playlists for Halo 5, but at the same time we need to see some of the classic ones make a comeback.

The problem is that each of us has a different preference and developers can’t add every single playlist to the game, the options are just too many.

343 Studio Head, Josh Holmes, explained that making everyone happy by adding playlists based on preferences is “one of the biggest challenges.”

This is one of the biggest challenges as a developer, really. Every player is going to have a different set of experiences they love and care about from past Halos. In aggregate, that list is unmanageably large. Not just from the perspective of building them all for each game (since everything needs to be rebuilt, returned and rebalanced for a new engine), but simply the overload of information (too many choices) and population density (not enough players in the smaller playlists to support quality play).

He further added:

That’s why you see rotation of content in matchmaking and why we are focusing on a polished core set of game types for Halo 5. I would rather deliver a core set of experiences at launch that are truly awesome than a vast grab bag of experiences that feel half baked. They key of course is to make sure that we have the right core set. We’ll be sharing more details about this closer to launch.

I am sure, 343 will keep adding new playlists along with classic ones after the release of Halo 5, and will make an effort to please fans as much as they can. Which playlists would you like to see in Halo 5? Let us know down below.