Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Kremlin MP Map Gameplay Footage Is Here

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is getting Supremacy DLC tomorrow on Xbox Live. However, a few YouTubers were able to get their hands to the new DLC early and have brought us some gameplay footage from “Kremlin” MP map.

You will have to admit that Sledgehammer has done an exceptional job in terms of visuals of multiplayer map. The Kremlin map looks gorgeous and extremely fun to play in, however, most of us (including me) don’t really like big multiplayer maps and Kremlin is a massive map, compared to the likes to Bio Lab, Ascend, Retreat and more.

The same thing was mentioned in the video as well, and one point that’s notable, is that due to its size Kremlin may never be used in competitive side of things.

Word of advise, be careful of landmines while visiting the outskirts of the map. Also, use long range weapons, sniper and assault rifles are recommended for Kremlin.

To see more of the map, there’s another video posted for you below:

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Supremacy DLC will first be released on Xbox One and Xbox 360, before hitting PC and PlayStation platforms. For all things Call of Duty, stay-tuned!