Batman: Arkham Knight Has Zero Loading Screens, New Game Plus Mode Detailed

A new installment in the “Arkham Insider” video series gives us an inside look at Batman: Arkham Knight, including its New Game Plus mode.

Players will be able to unlock the mode after completing the main story campaign. The New Game Plus mode will feature increased difficulty, but will allow players to carry forward their progression. This means starting the game anew with all of the gadgets and upgrades that you’ve unlocked with your previous run.

Note that any Riddler trophies that you found in the normal mode, will be shared in the New Game Plus mode. You won’t have to find them again.

Director Sefton Hill also revealed that Batman: Arkham Knight will feature no loading screens. Players can play through the entire city, from start to finish, and not have to go through any kinds of loading bars.

The new “Arkham Insider” video also showcases some new weapons and gadgets for the Batmobile. Batman will have the option of arming his ride with an EMP cannon that can immobilize other vehicles for a short period of time. It can also redirect incoming missiles, so as to “give you a little window of opportunity.”

There’s also the “Drone Virus” weapon that Batman can deploy to hack into drones. Upon a successful hack, the drones will turn sides and help Batman as his new ‘temporary’ allies.

Batman: Arkham Knight will have special Riddler sequences. As the video reveals, players in this mode will have to drive through an ever-changing maze that not only tests player’s driving skills, but also offers an “intellectual assault.”

Batman: Arkham Knight is scheduled for release on June 23 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.