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The International 2015 Raises $10 Million in Just a Month

The prize pool for this year’s The International Dota 2 event has now reached $10 million.

It was only four weeks ago when Valve released the Compendium for the annual tournament. Within just hours of its availability, sales from the Compendium managed to raise more than $4 million for the total prize pot. Since then, the community has raised a further $6 million.

With this figure, Dota 2 is less than $800,000 away from beating last year’s amount, and hence setting a new record. Last year’s The International took place with $10.9 million, the largest eSports prize pool every recorded for a game in history.

With the rate this year’s Compendium is going, and with over two months to go before the event kicks off, players can rest assure that they’ll have plenty to brag about when the new staggering numbers for the milestone is reached.

The Compendium was introduced in 2013 and costs $10. Each sale means a significant portion being reserved for the prize pool of The International. As the prize pool grows, new milestones are added by Valve. Hitting each one means more rewards for Compendium owners, and sometimes surprises for all players.

The International 2015 is going to take place between August 3-8 at KeyArena in Seattle, WA.

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