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Star Wars: Battlefront Allows Character Customization

Star Wars: Battlefront does not include the option of selecting your own class. Instead, the game will allow you to customize your default character in many ways.

Following into the prior announcement of the game having no classes — just one of many other aspects not included — DICE has now begun speaking about the level of customization Star Wars: Battlefront will provide.

“We will allow customization, such as selecting various character heads, loadouts, emotes etc,” tweeted the developer over the weekend.

I suspect that we’ll be seeing the customization levels at E3 2015 where the game is expected to make a huge presence. It’s about time that DICE showed us just to what extent we’ll be able to tweak our character models. Switching heads is fine, as long as they don’t look too generic and actually offer a more diverse appeal. On that note, it would be interesting if EA allowed us to greatly change the appearance of the default Stormtroopers look.

Recently, DICE also revealed that Star Wars: Battlefront will feature female playable characters. Perhaps it has something to do with a new policy being dictated by EA. Coincidentally, the new FIFA 2016 is also going to feature the women teams for the first time.