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Monster Hunter X Releases in Japan This Christmas

The Monster Hunter series is getting a brand new installment in Japan in the form of Monster Hunter X for the Nintendo 3DS.

According to an announcement made today during the latest Nintendo Direct Broadcast, the game will arrive in the region this Christmas. In case you were wondering, the X in the title means “Cross” and not the roman denotation for ten.

Monster Hunter X will feature various new monsters, new weapons with new special attacks, and various new movies to cut down your foes with.

Nintendo is focusing on style points this time around, and the gameplay will allow players to find their own unique style. Everyone will have their own special way of taking on monsters. On that note, the combat may end up being much more technical compared to previous installments.

There’s no word on whether Monster Hunter X will make its way to the west. However, taking into consideration how well Monster Hunter 4 was received here, it’s most likely that Nintendo will make sure the game shifts hemispheres after the initial trending period.

Nintendo has scheduled its next Direct event to take place after E3 2015 next month. The company will without a doubt be showcasing more of what Monster Hunter X is capable of.