Three Retro Teams From NBA 2K16 Revealed

Another year, another NBA 2K game and as usual, excitement is high. Fans want to know more about this year’s installment, but 2K is keeping their silence on the matter until E3.

However, some tidbits about the game were shared on the latest episode of NBA 2K Postseason. Apart from all the PR talk like “this year will be the biggest yet,” we were given names of a few retro teams from NBA 2K16.

Rachel A. Demita, the beautiful host of the show, went to 2K HQ to know more about the game. She first spoke with Scott O’Gallagher, who revealed the names of three retro teams from NBA 2K16.

According to him, NBA 2K16 will have 99-’00 Toronto Raptors, 2008 Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers from 2001 will be a part of the game.

The video further revealed that the team is working hard to make the shoes look as realistic as possible. NBA 2K16 will also feature a better atmosphere, as crowds are getting an overhaul as well.

Player movements and animations are significantly better than previous entries. NBA 2K16 is now up for pre-order and those who do, will get the game four days early on September 25. Also, pre-order incentive includes 10,000 Virtual Currency and a MyTeams VIP pack.

Public release for NBA 2016 is planned for September 29. More details are expected at E3.