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Norman Reedus Wants Us to be Vocal About Bringing Silent Hills Back

Norman Reedus, the star from The Walking Dead, wants to revive Silent Hills. The star has shared a page URL on his Twitter account, that is started in protest of Konami scrapping Silent Hills.

The title first came to light when Sony announced a demo called P.T, that was downloadable from PlayStation Store. Fans later found out that P.T is actually Silent Hills and Norman Reedus will play the lead role. However, the demo was recently pulled as Konami announced its cancellation.

But fans, along with Reedus, aren’t ready to give-up on Silent Hills. The following Tweet is a proof of that:


By clicking on the link shared by Reedus, you will taken to a page; “” Once there, you are provided with a few ways and ideas to be vocal about this issue.

For instance, there is a tshirt concept which says in the front “If Del Toro & Reedus are Scorched, WE RIOT.” On the back of this shirt, it says “No Longer Silent.”

There are a couple of other similar tshirt concepts with different writings on it.

Somehow I doubt Konami will listen and bring back Silent Hills, but there is always hope, at least for Xbox owners. There has been a rumor going around lately that Silent Hills is coming back but as an Xbox exclusive. If true, we will definitely hear about it at E3.