Killer Instinct’s “Shadow Mode” Lets You Train With Yourself

Over the course of its life, Killer Instinct has been fully supported by developer Iron Galaxy. They have added new characters on a regular basis and now, we have a new feature that will make you a better fighter.

Developers have introduced a new mode, and not just any mode, it will let you train with yourself. How? Here’s how, the mode is called “Shadow Mode,” and will let you create a shadow that fights just like you, uses the same combos and even makes the same kind of mistakes during the match.

Your shadow will be available on “Shadow Hub,” your shadow will take plenty of things into account and will react to situation like you did.

If you are an aggressive player, your shadow will be trained aggressively, same is the case with defense. Shadows will be both defensive and offensive during the same situations you were.

This is the best way to train,know what mistakes you make and create strategies to be better at Killer Instinct. You can know more about the Shadow Mode from the video above.

Killer Instinct is available on Xbox One.