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Ultra Street Fighter IV Is Getting Its First PS4 Patch Today

Ultra Street Fighter IV patch for PlayStation 4 will drop sometime today (if it hasn’t already). Patch notes for the update are still missing from the action but Sony’s Director of Third Party Production Gio Corsi, says he will update us with all the improvements made.

He shared this with fans on Twitter:

Ultra Street Fighter IV was highly anticipated by PlayStation 4 owners but sadly, the title released with numerous issues. For instance, it suffered from 8 frames of input lag which is surprising as one of its touted features was “no lag.”

Things were so messed-up, that Capcom had to pull the PS4 version from its own Capcom Pro Tour. Now that PS4 version is getting a patch, it will be interesting to see as to what extent it fixes the problem. Moreover, will the PS4 version be back on Capcom Pro Tour?

We’ll keep you updated on the matter and on the patch notes.

On a related note, Street Fighter V is going to be playable next month at CEO 2015, along with Mortal Kombat X and Tekken 7.

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