Tekken 7: Kazumi Mishima Officially Revealed as Playable Character

WE have known her to be involved in Tekken 7, but now we have an official trailer bearing the official reveal of Kazumi Mishima as a playable character in the game.

Bandai Namco is really pumping things up with her beauty and her tiger – watch the video above and you will know.

Now that she is confirmed, what could be a better way of showing off what she can do than to pit her against her very own husband, Heihachi Mishima!

As you will watch the video above I am sure you will notice that she has the same Mishima Style Fighting Karate as the other Mishima Clan members have – and boy does it look good on her!

Of course that is in addition to the pet tiger she brings along for the fight; you see it jumping out from behind her to claw on Heihachi every now and then.

This is the first time we are going to be able to actually play as the mother of Kazuya, are you excited?

Tekken 7 is slated to get Kazumi Mishima on June 2, 2015.