Rumor: Microsoft Bidding to Have Silent Hills Exclusively on the Xbox One

There’s a massive rumor surrounding Silent Hills, and one which will prove to be a bombshell if it comes out to be true.

According to a new video posted by The Know, Microsoft is said to be in talks with Konami regarding the purchase of Silent Hills in order to make it an Xbox One exclusive.

The source to this has chosen to remain anonymous, but is noted to have been accurate on past accounts. The video points out how the same source previously revealed Microsoft to be bringing forth a Kinect-less Xbox One model.

At the time the company denied all such rumors, but later on released the standalone console in the same time frame the source had mentioned in the original posting.

Microsoft is supposedly gunning to finalize the deal before E3 2015, so as to make a huge splash when it gets to announce Silent Hills as an exclusive title.

The game is said to be 80 percent complete, and if the deal does go through, the Xbox One could see Silent Hills by March 2016.

The anonymous source also mentioned that the sale of the IP is in the billions. That sure seems exaggerated but we do know that Microsoft is known for playing with big numbers.

Finally, the source pointed out that Konami pulling the P.T. demo from the PlayStation Network was a “sign of good faith” from the studio to Microsoft. However, as it is, this is all nothing but a gigantic rumor.

E3 2015 takes place in two weeks. It’s not far off, and we’ll know soon enough if Microsoft has indeed successfully managed to add another feather to its cap.