Need for Speed Will Not Include Cockpit View, Dedicated Servers Confirmed

The official Twitter account of Need for Speed has been lately busy in answering questions posted by fans about the upcoming reboot. Rummaging through the various responses has given us quite a few details to digest.

EA recently revealed that Need for Speed would require a mandatory online connection to run. Clearly EA has still not learned its lesson. Nonetheless, the company is trying to dodge all such questions for the time being. This is what the Twitter account responded with when asked for an offline mode: “We will have fully dedicated servers and great improvements to the AllDrive system.”

Elsewhere, the company spokesperson answered as to why online play is mandatory: “Being connected will allow your friends to be part of your narrative experience, something only possible through connected play.”

On that note, it was said that Need for Speed will include a single-player campaign. However, this mode will also seemingly require an online connectivity to function right.

The question of whether the PC version will have its frames locked on a specific number was not answered. It’s possible that the game will release with an unlocked frame-rate. At least the community can hope so.

Finally, Need for Speed will feature “multiple camera angles” to choose from, but the cockpit view is not one of them. I already expect for petitions to go online asking for the cockpit view to be included.

Need for Speed is going to make an appearance at E3 2015. EA is pretty confident that the reveal will leave everybody breathless.

Source Twitter