Google Play Gets Free ‘Pot the Balls’ Android Game

Pot the Balls, a new Android game is now live on Google Play and gives you an intense but fun new way to keep you busy with your mobiles.

Following the recently popularized idea of keeping it simple but intricate, developer Vengile Studios gives you pool balls and multiple pockets with a time limit and a random movement pattern of the pockets. You goal, pot as many balls as you can to get the high score.

Just like the 8 ball pool and similar table & board games, all you have to do is aim and shoot assorted snooker and pool balls toward the pocket. You have to target not with a cue but with your finger to pot the balls. The pockets are constantly on the move and you have to use you timing skills to Pot the balls.

Here are some of the highlights of the game:

  • 2 Modes (Arcade mode and Time mode)
  • Several Exciting Challenge Modes
  • Infinite Game play
  • Using 8 pool balls flick shot
  • Constantly changing Game pace
  • Multiple Power-ups
  • Diverse beautiful backgrounds
  • Different colored Snooker and Pool balls
  • In app purchases (more balls and cool game backgrounds)

When you are playing the Arcade mode it gives you infinite challenges that you have to overcome in order to build up a high score as the challenges get trickier.

In comparison, the Time mode is – as expected – bound by time where your success depends on how many balls are you able to pot before the timer tuns out.

If you are interested in getting your hands on Pot the Balls, download on Google Play.