Dragon Quest Heroes North American Release Date Leaked

Dragon Quest Heroes North American release date seems to have been leaked, courtesy of a retailer from the region. The release date was leaked when an image was spotted online that featured a promotional cardboard stand.

You can see the image in question below:

Dragon Quest

The North American version is subtitled “The World Tree’s Woe,” and is releasing on October 13 if the image is to be believed.

It seems Square Enix was planning to reveal the game at next month’s E3, but the leak ruined things for them. A European release date is still missing but judging from the leak, it will be shared soon enough.

Square Enix has big plans for E3, they are bringing in Just Cause 3 and Final Fantasy XV among other titles. It’s a long shot, but a new Hitman title is what I would love to see.

We will have more for you regarding Dragon Quest Heroes in the near future.