Destiny Trials Of Osiris Cheaters Are Being Banned By Bungie

Beware cheaters in Trials of Osiris! Bungie is starting to punish those who don’t play by the rules. Destiny’s Trials of Osiris event went live and a plethora of Guardians from all over participated, in the hope of earning some new items and gear.

However, some of them saw fit to start cheating rather than play by the rules to get these items. There have been reports that players were forced to disconnect by the enemy combatants, resulting in a forfeit of the match.

Players claim that they were rewarding wins to the other team without even knowing. Trials of Osiris rewards players on the basis of wins, so the team which forfeited received nothing.

Bungie has now taken notice and says some permanent and temporary time-outs are in order:

There were some among you who took nefarious action against your opponents. Our intrepid team of investigators has diagnosed the most egregious cheaters among us. If you earned your victories by sinister means, you may very well have also earned a temporary (or permanent) time-out.

Bungie is always watching. We enjoy a fair fight and we aim to protect the landscape of the game. Play nice.

Bungie is known for using a firm hand while dealing with cheaters, data-miners and other menaces. Hopefully, Destiny will be free from such issues in the future.

You can read more about this in Bungie’s weekly update.