Terraria 1.3 Shown off in a New Video by Re-Logic

The last major update made to Terraria was version 1.2 which came out way back in 2013. Ever since then, fans of the 2D action adventure title have set their eyes upon version 1.3 which is still to be released.

Re-Logic has finally stepped things up a bit and now we know that the update is going to be out on June 30. So what exactly have they done with the game now?

Obviously all that cannot be answered right now and it will require being able to play the game and read up on the changelog which we don’t have yet.

That being said, the developers have tried to show off at least some of the new things that they have in store for us in a new video.

As you can see above, in the footage the game is being played by a beta tester which shows “The Underworld’s recent visual makeover.”

Join one of our intrepid beta testers along his personal Highway to Hell as we give you a glimpse into The Underworld’s recent visual makeover. We were all simply blown away at what a difference in “depth” the new background makes to the atmosphere of the biome – as just one example.

Check out the video featuring Terraria after update 1.3 and tell us what you think.