Shiny Metal Mario Controller for Wii, Wii U Incoming by PDP

There are a lot of third party companies who make controllers, but in the case of Nintendo at least PDP is the one that stands out every time whether we are talking about the Wii or the Wii U.

For instance right now they have revealed plans of releasing a new controller for both the Wii and Wii U which is going to be so shiny you might want to double back and check what it is made of.

They are making the Metal Mario 30th Anniversary Controller to commemorate the 30th anniversary year of the Mario franchise. While the look of the controller doesn’t shout out something that is trying to bring back old memories it does come with the iconic “M” sitting smartly in the center of the pad.

The design gives the same GameCube styled Classic/Classic Pro Controller look, it comes with red, green and grey buttons. It is a wired pad like previous released and will need to be plugged into a Wii Remote before it can let you play many games across both the consoles.

PDP has not shared the expected price of the Mario Controller yet, but they have stated that it will be released on October 30, 2015.

Metal Mario Controller for Wii and Wii U

That is all great, and fans would probably love the shiny new controller but the problem here is that Wii U is hardly managing 23FPS on 720p for new games like Project CARS. As months go on, the need for Nintendo NX is going to grow as the number of games playable on Wii U diminishes even more.