Report: High Moon Studios Working on Destiny

More than one studio working on a game isn’t uncommon in our industry and it seems Bungie now requires some help with Destiny. ┬áIf a job listing on Activision’s website holds any truth, High Moon Studios is now working on Destiny along with Bungie.

The job listing bluntly mentions Destiny:

We need to add world class talent as we partner with Bungie to support work on their ground breaking Destiny Franchise.

High Moon Studios has worked on Transformers franchise and have proven themselves with their efforts with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare as well. For Destiny, they are looking for a Mission Manager for the following responsibilities.

  • Scripting gameplay events and objectives to enhance the level design.
  • Understanding, maintaining and actively promoting the vision of the game.
  • Collaborating with team to create new innovative gameplay mechanics and scenarios.
  • Providing critical feedback on concepts related to gameplay and level design in a group setting.
  • Using game vision as filter for all design decisions; ensures consistency of design.
  • Seeking and identifying problems and offering solutions on improvement.
  • Prioritizing and self-managing tasks to meet deadlines.

Destiny is a massive game and it isn’t a surprise Bungie is looking for help.

As I mentioned, High Moon has previously worked on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for PS3 and Xbox 360. Presumably, High Moon could be put in charge of last-gen versions of the game, while PS4 and Xbox One iterations are solely handled by Bungie.