Overwatch Gameplay Preview Gives An In-Depth Look At Tracer

After Blizzard gave us a look at Hanzo and MCcree, we now have gameplay preview for one of the coolest characters in Overwatch. The character in question is the teleporting menace named Tracer.

Tracer’s biggest ability is being able to teleport horizontally to a short distance. On top of that, she can rewind herself thanks to an ability called Recall. Basically, she can go back a few seconds, returning to her health, ammo, stats and location.

Another useful thing are the Sticky Bomb she carries and judging from the footage above, she can use these to a great effect. Without a doubt, Tracer will make a huge difference for her team.

Overwatch is currently in beta but the game will soon be released on PC.

As I mentioned, Blizzard has also shared an in depth look and Hanzo, who is an archer and carries different types of arrows. He can also summon a white dragon who’ll eat his enemies alive.

MCcree is another one of Overwatch’s characters and is gunslinger with a six shot revolver. He can rapidly fire and go into focus mode.

You can know more about these characters by following the links above.