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League of Legends: Mega Changes Heading Towards Twisted Treeline

A reminder that League of Legends received its latest patch this morning and the new champion Ekko is now available to be unlocked.

The patch notes mentioned the return of Hexakill mode to Twisted Treeline. However, there are plenty more changes intended for Twisted Treeline and these will be hitting the PBE soon.

In a detailed post by RiotJxE, the developer revealed that the Jungle camps will now be spawning five seconds earlier. They also will be starting at level 2 and have slightly less health and attack damage. This is to give players the incentive of going back into the Jungle rather than opting for a duo-lane match-up.

Vilemaw’s health is being increased, and his damage decreased. The damage-over-time buff, however, will remain “roughly the same.” Killing the spider boss now will let players summon a legion of ghost minions to swarm the enemy base. Allied minions will be enhanced with increased combat stats and movement speed.

A few of the altar buffs are being changed to be more meaningful. The first altar buff will give a movement speed bonus to your team, while the second one will restore player’s max health on minion/monster kills.

A third turret is being added to lanes. Additionally the health and damage to all turrets is being tweaked.

A new Trinket is being added which will allow players to use the new passive to scout for vision on the map. “Because of that we’ve removed the Vision items on the map as they’re not needed anymore: Grez’s Lantern, Hextech Sweeper and Lightbringer.”

Twisted Treeline is also receiving some art changes, as well as new structures.

Source League of Legends