BBC iPlayer Releases For Wii U

Wii U owners can now visit the Nintendo eShop to download BBC iPlayer on to their consoles.

The TV service app weighs in at 94 MB and features the usual functionality such as off-TV viewing, and support for HD video playback. The latter feature is not only a highly demanded one from consumers, but is also a necessity seeing how a majority of BBC content is already available in high definition format.

In related news, the European Commission recommended BBC iPlayer earlier this month to be available to UK citizens when traveling across Europe. Currently, those residing in UK are unable to stream content on the iPlayer app when outside of their region. This is due to current copyright laws that prevent users from accessing content outside of UK.

That restriction is now being removed and will allow access to the services throughout Europe. For this purpose, the officials have called for a “Digital Single Market” in Europe, which also promises to raise the usage of online goods and services.

BBC iPlayer set a new record for monthly downloads in January with 343 million radio and TV hits. The platform is already immensely popular and when the new changes come into play, you can expect the application to see to a rising number of requests.