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The Community Test Environment is Live For Battlefield: Hardline

The PC version of Battlefield: Hardline now has access to the Community Test Environment feature, EA and Visceral Games have announced.

The CTE was there for Battlefield 4, and is basically used “to test fixes for gameplay, fine-tuning balancing, and try out upcoming content before it gets into the game.” Simply put, upcoming patches are first thrown on the CTE, where the dedicated player-base gets to try out the new changes and provide important feedback to the developer.

The CTE also makes sure that the updates are stable and bug-free, before heading over to the live servers.

While the console players won’t be able to get into the CTE, EA has assured that the workings for the community program is to benefit all platforms. ‚ÄúThis community program will be playable on PC only. However, the goal is for our learnings to benefit all platforms when possible,” explained EA.

Presently, the first goal for the CTE is to improve the game’s Netcode for the Downtown map.

In order to access the CTE, you’re required to be a Battlefield: Hardline Premium member on either PC or consoles. Visit the following website, signup for a CTE account, and then login from your Origin account to download the new Battlefield: Hardline CTE game client. Simply install and play.