Pokemon Shuffle Version 1.2 Delivers Major Changes

Major changes are headed towards Pokemon Shuffle with version 1.2, which has been deemed as a mandatory update by Nintendo.

The following list of changes and tweaks have been provided by Serebii.net:

  • Your heart stock is now split into two segments – the auto-generating section of five hearts and, separately, your stock of extra hearts that you’ve bought or redeemed with jewels. In essence this means that a stock of five hearts will continue to regenerate as you use extras.
  • There are extra level indicators and numbers visible when optimising your team of ‘mon, while Mega Evolutions can be boosted with their own level.
  • ‘Super Catch Mode’ is a random extra opportunity that improves the odds of catching a ‘mon. In multiple rounds we’re yet to see it, so it’s not overly frequent.
  • ‘Increased cheat detection’, which the HOME button also disabled during timed challenges.

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that its new free-to-play puzzle game has been downloaded over 4 million times on the 3DS. Recalling that the company revealed the game to have reached 1 million downloads in just a couple of weeks after the launch of the game, Pokemon Shuffle was downloaded 3 million times in the past three months.

Pokemon Shuffle is also getting a new special Mythical Shaymin stage to celebrate the download milestone. The level is available to players from now until June 15. Nintendo plans to release more stages throughout the year for Pokemon Shuffle.