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Pearl White New Nintendo 3DS XL Coming to Japan on June 11

The last time we talked about the New Nintendo 3DS XL was when TESCO and Amazon were selling it for £139 around ten days ago. That was a pretty good deal but we are not sure if their stocks still last for you to save money on it.

What we have at hand now is a new color variation for the handheld that Nintendo has announced.

People in Japan are going to be able to own a sleek Pearl White New Nintendo 3DS XL on June 11 – aren’t you jealous! If you are not jealous, however, check out the image above and you will be.

The announcement was made on the official website of Nintendo but since their native language is Japanese, I have had to rely on online translations for details which, to be honest, are not much.

Interestingly, the new Pearl White handheld is also going to cost the same as the other color variants that are already being sold i.e. 18,800 Japanese Yen.

Previously Japanese fans have had the option of choosing blue and black colored New Nitendo 3DS XL. Similarly, the North American fans of the handheld were given the choice between Metallic Blue and Metallic Black recently.

In my personal opinion, the Pearl White model is much more classy than the color options that were already available. It is sad that Nintendo has not announced the Pearl White New Nintendo 3DS XL for the western regions yet.

Here’s to hoping that they would soon!