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New Suicide Squad Video Shows Batman Chasing The Joker

Suicide Squad in currently in development and like most movies of its kind, leaks have started to appear as fans are more than eager to know all about it. Once such leak shows us a pretty interesting video of Batman chasing Joker via the batmobile.

The Joker isn’t on foot as he is seen driving his G35 Coupe, which kind of looks like a pimp mobile. The role of the Joker is being played by Jared Leto this time around, and it will interesting to see if he can fill the shoes of the late Heath ledger.

The role of Batman in thew film isn’t yet clear but it may be somehow tied to the events of Batman vs Superman. The film is scheduled to hit theaters near you sometime in 2016 and will for the first time see Will Smith play the role of Deadshot as well.

The video you see below is from the sets of Suicide Squad and you can clearly see Batman (played by Ben Affleck) chasing The Joker (Jared Leto). Now that word is out, we may hear official details on Batman’s involvement in the film.

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