Halo 3 ODST Coming to Halo Master Chief Collection on Friday?

As long as September 2014 we have had news that Halo 3 ODST might make it to Xbox One. This was confirmed after Halo Master Chief Collection came out and 343 Industries decided they should do something to make those fans feel better who have been with them through the rough start of HMCC.

We had reported last month that the game would be released to HMCC in May as compensation, but back then no specific dates had been shared.

Now that the month of May is about to end, and 343 Industries have not shared anything officially, this listing on the Xbox Store might be telling us the exact release date had it not been removed by Microsoft.

It reads that Halo 3 ODST will be out on May 29 and gives this description:

The Halo 3 ODST campaign for Halo The Master Chief Collection comes to the Xbox One looking better than ever. Running at 1080p/60fps, experience the events leading up to Halo 3 through the eyes of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) as they search for clues leading to the whereabouts of their scattered squad and the motivations behind the Covenant’s invasion of New Mombasa. Halo The Master Chief Collection is required to play the (digital only) Halo 3: ODST campaign.

We are not sure why Microsoft put this game up on the store and then suddenly removed it, especially because it is not an unannounced project.

Any how, if the developers are still wanting to get the game out in this month then I don’t see another date when they could put it out.