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Final Fantasy Agito is Coming to Windows 10: Square Enix

Final Fantasy Agito was released to iOS and Android way back in May 2014 but it has also been announced for PlayStation Vita although the developers have still not specified when the game would be released on Sony’s handheld.

That being said, Square Enix has added yet another platform to the list! According to the official Twitter profile of the game, it is now confirmed that you will get it on Windows 10!

The news was apparently confirmed at the De:code 2015 event where Microsoft alongside Square Enix revealed their plans alongside other new details that were share regarding Windows 10 by the representatives of Microsoft. De:code 2015 started in Tokyo, Japan yesterday and is supposed to go on for today as well.

For those of you who have not played the game yet, it is set in the Final Fantasy Type-0 universe and we are expecting there is a greater chance that you have played the latter.

Moving on, Final Fantasy Agito is a free to play title on iOS and Android which suggests that it will also be free to download on Windows 10. It has not received a localized version for the western market yet, but Square Enix is working on it and you will have the English version of the game in your hands pretty soon – hopefully.

Will you like to play Final Fantasy Agito on Windows 10? Also, what do you think of these steps that Microsoft is taking to bring more users on board?