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Black Ops 3 Controls, TAC 3.0 Support; DX12 Discussion Later

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 releases in November this year, and the developers are trying to make sure that fans are getting enough information about the title to keep the hype going.

Cesar Stastny the Director of Development at Treyarch who is popularly known by his Twitter handle “pcdev,” was recently answering a number of questions pointed at him by the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 fans.

Naturally, people are concerned about the security measures that Treyarch Studios is taking against hackers that are going to be pretty active with the game once it releases.

In light of that, someone asked Stastny about how they are going to help the community get rid of them and what measures they were taking for it. Stastny’s reply was:

BlackOps3 will launch with TAC 3.0 and a dedicated TAC team keeping the game clean for you.

Another fan inquired about the controls that the game is going to put to use. Referring to the Black Ops 2 controls like “press and hold crouch / prone,” as sloppy, he asked whether players will have to do the same. Stastny’s answer was that controls like these are going to be configurable:

Crouch / Prone / Change stance controls are configurable. You don’t have to keep the default settings.

He was also asked to talk about DX12 support but most of us know that they would not disclose something as important as that in a tweet. So yeah, they “will be discussing more technical graphics related details later this year,” but they are not committing to DirectX 12 support yet.

There will be more on Call of Duty Black Ops 3 so stay tuned!