Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Shows PS4 Exclusive Content

Batman: Arkham Knight is going to feature exclusive content on the PlayStation 4, and today a new trailer has been released by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to showcase just that.

Owners of the PlayStation 4 version will receive access to the Scarecrow Nightmare missions, and the Classic TV Series Batman & Batmobile Skins. Additionally there is also a Justice League 3000 Batman Skin, and you can check out these in action in the trailer above.

Rocksteady’s latest take on the Dark Knight already has a slew of pre-order bonuses. Recently a “Gotham’s Future” skin pack was spotted on the game’s Steam page. The pack delivers a pair of skins, one of which is based on the animated show Batman Beyond and the other inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

It’s unclear whether this pack is exclusive to the PC version or will also be announced for the consoles later on.

Batman: Arkham Knight is going to officially hit retail stores on June 23 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.