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14 Year Old Sentenced For 2 Years For Downloading Bomb-Making Information on His PlayStation 4

Here’s a tip for people who are curious about making a bomb, don’t. A fourteen-year old boy residing in Austria was sentenced for two years this week after he was caught downloading bomb-making information on to his PlayStation 4 console.

According to a report by Reuters, authorities were alerted to his activities last year, after which his console was ceased by local enforcement bodies in October. A thorough examination of the hardware uncovered the incriminating information which the boy had been steadily downloading onto his console from the web.

The defense attorney, Rudolf Mayer, claimed the boy had only been “playing with the idea” of building a bomb. Unfortunately for him, the court sided with the prosecutors who said that there was enough evidence of the boy being in touch with militants supporting the Syria- and Iraq-based terrorist organizations.

The prosecutors further stated that the youth was planning “to explode the devices in public places, such as the Vienna Westbahnhof,” one of the city’s major train hubs.

Sixteen months of the two-year sentence are suspended, while the fourteen-year old will be spending the rest of the time at a juvenile detention center.