Xbox One Receives Official $110 Price Cut in China

Following an extensive period of sluggish sales, Microsoft has decided to drop the price of the Xbox One in China from RMB 3,699 to RMB 2,999.

The Kinect-less model is now available in the region with a discount of RMB 700 / $110. This basically puts it closer to the PlayStation 4 which is currently priced at RMB 2,899 in China and is registering good sale numbers.

This is the first time the Xbox One has received an official price drop in China by Microsoft. Retailers in the region, though, have been promoting discounted tags since the console’s launch in September last year. In December, many outlets began dropping prices in order to shift stagnating units from their shelves.

The PlayStation 4, however, is doing remarkably well in China, even though it was launched in the region much later in March 2015. The console’s success is majorly due to the fact that the region already had a large Sony fan base to begin with. The company’s added support in the Asian market has further helped the PlayStation 4 cement its place ahead of the Xbox One.

The PlayStation 4 has so far sold more than 22.3 million units worldwide as of March 2015. Microsoft on the other hand is standing at the half-way point with the Xbox One. That still doesn’t register as bad numbers, but just enforces Sony’s dominance in the current console generation.

Source Microsoft Store