The Witcher 3 White Orchard Secondary Quests Guide

There are well over a hundred Secondary Quests in The Witcher 3. Out of all these Secondary Quests, only a fistful affect the final outcome of the game.

It’s totally depends on you whether you wish to participate in these Secondary Quests or not. You can explore an area, speak with strangers with a Yellow Exclamation Mark, or simply read up Area Noticeboards to start a Secondary Quest.

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The Witcher 3 White Orchard Secondary Quests

There are a total of 5 Secondary Quests in White Orchard which are listed below along with their brief walkthrough:

Missing in Action
Location: Speak with Dune at the Ransacked Village

Speak with Dune and he’ll tell you that his brother went missing during the fight with the Black Ones.

After speaking with Dune, head over to the objective area and use your Witcher’s Senses to search the Temerian Shields with white flowers painted on them. Head over to the southwest edge of the battlefield to find a burnt corpse.

After a brief cut-scene, follow Dune’s dog to head inside a hut where you’ll find Dune’s brother with a Nilfgaardian soldier. You can either convince Dune to keep the Nilfgaardian soldier or leave him be.

Alternatively, you can find Rhosyn and Bastien yourself and find Dune.

Precious Cargo
Location: Speak with Merchant near the south of Nilfgaardian Garrison

Speak to the lonely merchant sitting by the campfire to start this mission. The man requires you to retrieve a box from the nearby objective area. Once you head over to the objective area, use your Witcher’s Senses to find the Locked Box along with other goodies.

If you stay close to the box, you can avoid engaging a couple of Drowners in the area. Head back to the man and hand him over the Locked Box to complete the optional mission.

As an alternate path, you can call him a liar, chase him down, and get him arrested or leave him to receive a better reward.

A Frying Pan, Spick, and Span
Location: Riverside between White Orchard and Nilfgaardian Garrison

This is a small Secondary Quest which you can complete in merely a couple of minutes. Speak to the old woman standing outside a Locked Hut and accept to help her.

All you need to do is to use Aard Sign to break into the Locked Hut and use your Witcher’s Senses to loot everything inside. Once you’re done, head outside and return the woman’s frying pan to complete this optional mission.

Twisted Firestarter
Location: Speak with Dwarf Blacksmith on the center-north of the village

After speaking with the Dwarf Blacksmith and agreeing to help him, head over to the objective area. You need to keep on following the trail into the water.

After you emerge from the water, you’ll come across a lost boot which will help you continue the trail. Continue along the trail and you’ll end up inside a hut. Head over to the backside of the hut to find your culprit.

At this point, you can either leave the culprit or use your Axii Sign to bring him back to the Dwarf Blacksmith and complete the optional mission.

Faithful Friend
Location: Only accessible during Something Ends, Something Begins

Near the White Orchard Tavern, you’ll see a man trying to calm down a horse who will eventually gallop off across Woesong Bridge. You simply need to follow the horse’s trail and speak with the man right next to the horse to complete this short optional quest.