Skylanders Superchargers, a New Game with Vehicles?

It looks like some information might have been leaked online regarding thee upcoming Skylanders title!

Before we dig deeper I would strongly suggest that you take all this information for what it is i.e. supposed leaks from unofficial sources that might have nothing to do with the said franchise what so ever.

That being said, who knows Travis Alan Pastrana? Well, he is a critically acclaimed stunt performer and American motorsports competitor with a lot of championships to his name.

Recently, Pastrana posted to Instagram with a text that has allegedly leaked the name of the next title in the series. The post reads:

Was filming some cool stuff for a new Activision game called Skylanders Superchargers this weekend. This @PolarisRZR was getting some next level follow cam shots through the desert!

So yeah, Superchargers could be the name of the game!

That is not all. Another guy who works at Unseen64, a website that collects data for cancelled games and betas took to Twitter with a claim that the upcoming title is going to feature vehicles.

The new Skylanders will definitely still have vehicles though. I know that much.

This goes in line with LEGO Dimensions is doing as we have recently found out that Dimensions is going to bring vehicles for the different characters too.

If you look at it this way, the involvement of Pastrana also makes sense if the game is going to have vehicles – two rumors complementing each other doesn’t happen that often.

Keeping in mind that Skylanders Superchargers might or might not be a game with (and a game with vehicles), tell us what do you think of the idea?